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  • Green Recovery Challenge Fund Update

    Emma Gilmartin, 08/06/2021

    A brief update from the team working on the Green Recovery Challenge Fund; an update of activities to date.

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  • Our interactive map gets a makeover!

    Tom Reed, 19/05/2021

    The Ancient Tree Inventory map has some new features which are coming very soon! Read this blog to hear about the new changes and get a preview from screenshots that are included. New features include:

    1.) A new pin and colour design

    2.) A grid reference overlay, so you can get coordinates from the map itself

    3.) How to enter full screen mode on the map

    4.) Filter by minimum / maximum girth

    We hope you like the map's new look!

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  • Green Recovery Challenge Fund

    Tom Reed and Emma Gilmartin, 01/04/2021
    Green Recovery Challenge Fund - a boost for ancient and veteran trees

    At the end of 2020, the Woodland Trust, in partnership with the National Trust, was awarded an impressive £3.86 million grant from the Government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund (GRCF) for work on ancient woodland restoration and ancient trees. As part of this, we have some exciting projects planned that will help us to further our work in mapping and securing our special ancient and veteran trees.

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  • Fungi - fruits of the forest

    Helen Leaf, 13/11/2020
    Photograph of beefsteak fungus. (Photo: Alamy/Marc De Schuyter)

    In this blog, ATI verifier Helen Leaf shares tips on how to identify and recognise fungi that are commonly associated with old and decaying trees, with examples of species that you might find. All of the species shown here can be recorded when you upload a tree to the ATI. 

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  • Ancient trees recorded in lockdown

    Kate Lewthwaite and Sally Bavin, 06/11/2020

    As we begin to enter a second national lockdown in England, and as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland continue with their existing lockdowns, we wanted to take a moment to look back at some of the amazing trees that have been captured this year despite current circumstances. Remarkably, the trees below were all captured in the spring lockdown, showing that even amidst these unprecedented times we can still record amazing trees every day and that we are still finding them on our doorsteps. And that’s all thanks to the very special and dedicated audience of recorders and volunteers who are still committed to adding special trees to the ancient tree inventory.

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