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  • Unveiling the Hidden Oak Tree Treasures: Adding Bradgate Park's Ancient Trees to the ATI Map

    Robb Doyle, 17/01/2024

    A brief story of how dedicated volunteers worked together to record hundreds of ancient and veteran trees across the historical park of Bradgate onto the Ancient Tree Inventory. Click through and see some inspiring photography.

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  • Exploring Poland's Natural Monuments Scheme: Protecting old and special trees in law

    Adele Benson, 18/11/2023

    Adele Benson, a campaigner at the Woodland Trust, recounts a memorable trip to Poland with colleagues and takes us through their journey of learning more about the ancient trees in the country, protected under the Green Monuments Scheme. 

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  • The Flying Trees of Langholm

    Sally Bavin, 16/06/2023

    When trees fly...

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  • A walk with ancient trees

    Kevin Stanley, 23/01/2023

    Ancient tree verifier Kevin Stanley shares his passion for ancient trees and creative writing, describing one of his recent days spent recording trees to the Ancient Tree Inventory and what inspires him about ancient trees.

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  • Lost Woods Veteran Tree Recording Project

    Hilary Hinks, ATI Recorder for the Lost Woods Project, 18/11/2022

    With the aim to transform the landscape that sits between the South Downs National Park and the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the ‘Lost Woods of the Low Weald and Downs’ is an exciting  project taking place in the South East region of the UK.

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