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  • Protecting trees: how we use the data

    Kylie Harrison Mellor, 11/12/2018
    Burnt ancient tree. (Photo:Ted Green/WTML)

    By adding to the Ancient Tree Inventory you're helping to provide the evidence we need to protect the UK’s most important trees. Here’s how the data is used by our Campaigning Team.

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  • Spotlight on a top site

    David Alderman, 13/11/2018
    A knobbly small-leaved lime. (Photo: Verena Bowen)

    After a decade of hunting trees (amazingly) there are still hidden landscapes to be discovered and recorded on the ATI. This month we focus on one area which has been recorded by a committed group of volunteers in Herefordshire.

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  • Star trees

    Kylie Harrison Mellor, 27/09/2018

    You may have noticed some star trees on the tree search. They're a great way of highlighting some of the trees on the map. We've picked out five star trees to tell you more.

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  • Trees of the month

    David Alderman, 27/09/2018

    More than 1,300 trees were recorded on the Ancient Tree Inventory in August. It’s difficult to pick a favourite out of so many trees, but we've chosen our top three.

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  • Top trees so far

    David Alderman, 26/07/2018
    Small leaved lime (Photo: Doug Lloyd)

    Volunteers have been busy adding some fantastic records to the new website. Here are our top picks from the trees recorded so far.

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