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Tom Reed, 22/12/2021

Ancient Tree Inventory videos

This year The Woodland Trust has produced five new videos for the Ancient Tree Inventory as part of the Green Recovery Challenge Fund project.

The new videos were developed to enhance our existing recording guidance and to inspire people to help us map special ancient and veteran trees to the ATI. 

Whether you are new to recording or have already been recording trees to our map, please enjoy 15 minutes watching our new videos to learn more about what we record to the ATI and how you can record a tree. 

To view the videos, visit our newly-published ATI Resources webpage or alternatively on the Woodland Trust’s YouTube account. 

Ancient tree recorders filming the measurement of a multi-stem common hawthorn at Belton park.

Ancient tree recorders measuring a large heavily-burred ancient pedunculate oak at Belton park

Where were the videos filmed?

We filmed trees across the UK in a range of locations, including Caledonian pine forest at Abernethy, historic parklands (including Belton Park, Shugborough Park, Chatsworth Park and the Knepp Estate), former royal hunting forests (Sherwood Forest and the New Forest), upland pasture, churchyards, sports fields, and more. 

Some well-known trees make an appearance in the videos, such as The Major oak (Sherwood Forest), the Knightwood oak (New Forest) and the Wilmington Yew (Eastbourne, Sussex). 

Resources webpage

The videos are hosted on a new ‘Resources’ webpage. On this page you will also be able to download a copy of our printable Tree Recording Form as well as a PDF copy of our recording guide.

Above: examples of the extra resources that can be accessed on the ATI resources webpage

We hope you enjoy watching our videos.

Tom Reed | Citizen Science Officer – Ancient Tree Inventory

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Spotted an old tree?

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