Notable trees

What is a notable tree?

Notable trees are usually mature trees which may stand out in the local environment because they are large in comparison with other trees around them.

They don’t have any obvious veteran characteristics, but may be taller than ancients and fatter than some veterans.

In parts of the UK, where trees are less common, a tree may be relatively small and young but notable because it is significant in its local environment.

Notable trees are usually worthy of recognition and can be potential, next generation veteran trees.

Read the ancient tree guides to find out more about ancient, veteran and other trees of special interest.

Notable beech tree. (Photo: David Alderman)

Notable tree in woodland. (Photo: Brian Aldrich/WTML)

Notable beech tree in autumn. (Photo: David Alderman)

What is a lost notable tree?

These are trees which have already been recorded, but are later discovered to have been cut down, blown over, collapsed, or otherwise removed, leaving no more than a low stump.

A new tree record can’t be added as a lost tree, although you can record it as a remnant e.g. stump. We use this information to assess the rate of recent loss of our ancient trees.

A tree originally recorded as a standing dead ancient tree remains this until its cut down or is removed; it can then be updated to a lost tree.

Please report or record the reason for loss if known.

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Spotted an old tree?

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