The distribution of ancient trees

The data is currently being studied by Victoria Nolan, a PhD student based at the University of Nottingham. Here Victoria explains her work.

Although the ATI database is extensive and new records are added every year, there are still large gaps in our knowledge about where ancient trees are located. In particular, little is known about the distribution of trees outside woodlands (TOWs) that are found in hedges, urban areas, within arable settings, on private land etc. Using the ATI and other environmental, topographical and anthropogenic datasets, I aim to model and predict suitable locations within the UK where ancient trees could be found, and to also identify areas to target for planting or conserving younger trees to maintain our ancient tree population into the future.

Avenue of ancient sweet chestnut trees at Croft Castle. (Photo: Archie Miles)

Llangernyw yew in Conwy, Wales. (Photo: Rory Francis/WTML)

Using Ancient Tree Inventory data

Using Ancient Tree Inventory data

The Ancient Tree Inventory dataset is available upon request.

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